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FND Hope Functional Neurological Disorder Search Database User Agreement and Consent
Full Terms and Agreement

FND Hope, FND Hope UK, and FND Hope Australia (collectively “FND Hope”) are all committed to the health and well-being of those with functional symptoms and have joined forces with other bodies in a global network to advocate best practices for ethical patient centred care for Functional Neurological Disorder (“FND”).

As a public service, FND Hope has assembled a database (the “FND Hope Database”) comprising Neurologists and other health care professionals, such as Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Psychiatrists, Psychologists and other appropriate disciplines, who have declared and confirmed their experience in treating FND (“Practitioners”). Professional qualifications and experience naturally vary between Practitioners and certain Practitioners have particular skill and have enjoyed success in treating certain aspects of conditions in patients with symptoms of a functional nature, suspected or diagnosed with FND.

Limitations, Warranties and Disclaimers


Purpose of database: Providing access to the FND Hope Database, is solely to assist someone suffering with a functional disorder to locate one or more Practitioners who may be familiar, not only with the concepts of functional disorders, but also with the best practices in functional medicine and treatment and who may be willing to provide appropriate care.

Appropriateness: Functional medicine is a recognised approach to health care and not of itself a separate profession so Practitioners are drawn from many different disciplines. It is, therefor vital to recognise that in selecting a Practitioner from the database, it is never a substitute for a thorough investigation of a potential Practitioner’s professional qualifications and training, relevant clinical experience, scope of practice, participation (or not) in any reimbursement or insurance scheme, anticipated remuneration, malpractice insurance coverage, or other similar criteria.

Content, accuracy and completeness: Many of the Practitioners listed in the FND Hope Database have been recommended to FND Hope by patients themselves on the basis of their own experience with the Practitioner and on the results achieved. The FND Hope Database itself has been populated principally by information received from individual Practitioners on whose professional integrity in providing such information FND Hope has relied implicitly. FND Hope does not itself investigate or verify the education, experience or credentials, nor rate or rank Practitioners and therefor it expressly will not and cannot provide advice on the suitability, expertise, scope of practice or availability of a particular clinician.

A Practitioner is solely responsible for providing and updating the information displayed in his or her profile on the FND Hope Database. Whilst FND Hope uses all reasonable efforts to ensure the integrity and accuracy of such information and does not knowingly permit inaccurate or misleading material to be displayed, it is not responsible for any inaccurate, out-of-date, or missing information relating to an individual practitioner’s profile nor for the absence of a Practitioner from the database and therefor does not warrant, directly or indirectly the veracity or entirety of such information.

Liability: Should you experience an unsatisfactory outcome of care with a Practitioner whom you may contact as a result of using the FND Hope Database, FND Hope hopes that you will bring such outcome to our attention . However, FND Hope will not be responsible for any such outcome and you will hold FND Hope harmless from all liability. In no event shall FND Hope be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages however caused as a result of any factor, relationship or failure thereof, between a patient and a Practitioner, however such claim is based whether in contract, strict liability, tort (including negligence or otherwise), or any other theory and arising in any way from your use of and reliance on the FND Hope Database, even if the possibility of such damage may have been anticipated or may previously have been advised.

Continuity: FND Hope reserves the right at any time and without notice either to add Practitioners to the FND Hope Database or to remove a Practitioner for any reason and without explanation or liability.

Intellectual property: The FND Hope Database and all rights, title and interest therein is proprietary to FND Hope. No part of the FND Hope Database may be copied, downloaded, stored, reassembled, reconstructed to form an independent database or other information retrieval system, nor used in an accessible manner on a website, nor shared with any third party (other than someone for whom a user is responsible for their medical care) nor otherwise be used for any purpose whatsoever outside the purpose and scope as described. That is, use is limited strictly to the facility for allowing the identification and contact of a Practitioner.

Data protection: FND Hope respects your privacy and rights regarding any personal information that necessarily we may receive from you through your access and use of the Database. Access and use of the FND Hope Database is subject always to your acceptance without modification of all the terms and conditions of the FND Hope Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, as from time to time amended, which may be viewed in full at