Why not become part of #TeamFNDHopeUK and take on one of our challenges below. We have challenges from 5K to full Marathons. Why not ask your friends or family to get involved and help FuNDdraise for FND Hope UK.


Raising awareness and understanding of the general public into the nature, causes, diagnosis, prevent, treatment and recovery of FND through social media, charitable events, medical conference and any other educational means such as leaflets and booklets

Coordinating a voluntary FND patients register to assist doctors in the advancement of new and ongoing research, prevent, treatment and recovery of FND in partnership with the Genetic Alliance.

Working with Medical and Allied Health Professionals to provide a better understanding of FND, improve medical protocols, and promote ethical standards for FND through personal contact, advocacy and training.

Updating our website with current information, research articles, patient stories and much more

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